Bleiweis Underpass Ljubljana

Image by Danilo Milovanović

Bleiweis Underpass – Mirror mirror on the wall

Once upon a time there was an artist. He walked the Earth like any of us but kept an open eye to the anomalies of it. He felt a calling to point them out, but not by sending letters of complaint like most of us would. NO. He decided to do it the “art” way. His interventions are sometimes so subtle, so in-place, that they might remain overlooked. Yet they are incredibly strong. The protagonist of our story is a real-life artist – Danilo Milovanović.

So imagine a splendidly warm Sunday. You decide to pick up the closest BicikeLJ and go bike around Tivoli park (check out the spot). Next to the Modern gallery, there is an underway that links it to Jakopič promenade. Descending down the narrow ramp with a blind turn you – BANG! – hit another biker. What a grim scenario, right?

So Danilo Milovanović, seeing this happening, installs 3 mirrors on each of these ramps that help people avoid such accidents. And soon after the newspapers are overflown with articles about the city installing these exact mirrors. Only they didn’t. Just not then – the mirrors you see there today were installed by the city. They took Danilo’s mirrors off to put up their own. Only these weren’t JUST mirrors. They destroyed an art piece. Their answer was that Danilo didn’t get the permission and the mirrors weren’t appropriate. So who’s the bad guy here? Maybe your reflection will help you figure that one out.

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