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Daktari – Have a drink in wonderland

For a long time I put off with writing this article, because I was afraid I wouldn’t describe it well enough and to be honest I still am. But ok, I’ll give it a try. Daktari is for me one of the few places, where I decide to actually go inside and not sit outside smoking cigarettes. Even though it’s also great outside and it can be fun to secretly make fun of groups of tourists, the atmosphere inside is worth surviving without a cigarette or two (well…to be honest, they also have a smoking room inside).

The place is packed with old furniture, bookshelves full of books, colorful wallpapers and rugs and the space that remain in between is filled with great music. It’s like walking into the living room of your dearest (and a bit special) grandma. And there is always something interesting going on: literary evenings, concerts (they even have a piano), sometimes screening of films etc.

Another local tip connected with this location: close to Daktari is the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre with a small clock tower on the top. On every full hour (during daytime) Martin Krpan comes out of the tower with his mare. It’s nothing really special but still…adorable. I wonder why tourist organizations aren’t not making a fuss out of it.

If you’re hungry, you can order some fresh sandwiches. And I don’t know any other place (beside kindergartens) that serves Čokolino!

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Krekov trg 7, Ljubljana

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Mon - Sat 07:00 - 01:00, Sun 09:00 - 23:00


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