Hotel Bellevue Ljubljana

Image by Jost Derlink

Hotel Bellevue – Grandeur and melancholy

I hesitated for a while, whether to write about Bellevue or not. I’d like to point out, that there’s a sign in Slovenian “crossing at one’s own risk”. I don’t want to scare you or anything, a lot of people (also with small children) walk by all the time, but I had to write it down…just in case.

In the end I decided to write about it after all and let me explain why: First of all it’s a couple of meters away from one of the busiest roads in Ljubljana, but it’s on a hill and surrounded with forest and it’s kind of surreal how peaceful it can be. It also gives you an alternative overlook of Ljubljana, which can be something new even for the locals.

But the main reason is that I think about the place as a hidden treasure of Šiška. It’s our unpolished pearl or better yet really scruffy. It tells you the story of a once magnificent hotel, an important social and cultural center of Ljubljana, which is slowly decaying. Even though one could call it a disgrace for Ljubljana, I like it for that exact reason. It tells me that Ljubljana is not just the adorable and tidy old town by the river and that makes it more realistic, with a pinch of melancholic soul.

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Pod gozdom, Ljubljana

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