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Image by Gaja Naja Rojec

Izmenjevalnica – Bring food, take clothes

Have you ever thought about buying a second hand shirt with a few cans of vegetables or shampoo? Well, now you can, thanks to a group of creative volunteers, who organize Izmenjevalnica (“swap shop”) every third Friday of the month at the Red Cross.

The main idea is that you donate some imperishable food or hygienic products and for each piece you bring, you get one coupon. With those coupons you can “buy” clothes, which are organized in range from 1 coupon (e.g. scarf) to 10 coupons (e.g. vintage suitcase) and most of the clothes “cost” around 2 – 7 coupons.

I like the project because it’s promoting solidarity in society, but in a more reciprocal way. You are basically getting awarded for helping out someone in need with your potentially new favourite piece of clothing. For the exact dates of Izmenjevalnica, check their Facebook page.

In 2016 Izmenjevalnica added another monthly event, which takes place every first Saturday at the Hostel Tresor in the center of Ljubljana. Every now and then they pop up at some other locations so don’t forget to check their Facebook page.

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