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The Belgian in me always thought of waffles as ‘awesome bread.’ Now that I am living in Ljubljana, and thanks to this small bakery, my perspective and opinion shifted. Hence, I solemnly say that Slovenian bread trumps any batch of ‘awesome Belgian waffles.’

In front of the Biotechnical Educational Center of Ljubljana, you can still find reasonably priced bread, baguettes, or sweets with a traditional Slovene twist. During the week, you can find these freshly baked goods on sale. They’re so good, your tastebuds might experience a minor meltdown. So, be warned.

In case you plan to stop by, know that your purchase will make a big difference. Why? Because the goodies sold here are made by a bunch of young hands. Needless to say, your contribution makes a giant difference for the students from the adjoining school. Guided by their mentors, and thanks to a pinch of wisdom from their grandmothers, they create these delicacies. So treat your tastebuds on a pumpkin seed bread, an Emona cube, or a Ježek (you pronounce the j as the ‘y’ in ‘yes’ and the ž as the ‘s’ in ‘pleasure’).

When I come here, I also buy coconut cookies, which are the perfect souvenir for my folks in Belgium. Occasionally I’ll even buy a Sacher cake for my partner (it beats flowers any day). Nevertheless, take your snack with you, head out to the Botanical Garden across the street, or take it with you to Špica. Savor every bite and relax.

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Kevin from Ljubljana

Kevin Ducheyne photo

I'm the creator & doer of all things chaotic by nature. Ljubljana, no matter how...

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Ižanska cesta 10, Ljubljana

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Mon - Fri 06:30 - 17:00


Ježek bombica: € 1.50


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