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Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Ljubljanski Dvor – A cheap snack

I’m no food expert. For one, I never figured out why pizzas are round, put into square boxes, and eaten in triangles. So, in a world full of Instagram-influencing-foodies, I feel like an outsider. Now, I learned how to swim in this culinary sea of madness, and will humbly attempt to put this spot on your radar.

At this old-school takeaway corner, which is connected to the eponymous restaurant, you’ll find the most reasonably priced pizza slices in Ljubljana. They serve the perfect midnight snack! After your pub crawl, you won’t find a more fresh and tastier triangle covered in tomato sauce and other toppings in the city center. This I promise you.
Coming from Antwerp and being used to late-night fried snacks and kebab, the switch to late-night slices of pizza has been a blessing. My tastebuds are still grateful for having moved to Slovenia. However, I am aware that hunger is the best sauce and that drunks don’t tend to criticize the things that they eat. Even when I stopped by for a quick bite (sober as a judge), the slices I devoured still tasted good.

Bookmark this spot if you’re an evening-fridge-scavenger like me. This way, you’ll remember where you can satiate your hunger. A quick tip: observe the locals as they chow down and manipulate the cardboard triangle to get to their slice. Copy their moves and stay clean. You can also ask for a bottle of ketchup and put some on your pizza for free.

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Gosposka ulica, Ljubljana

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 00:00, Sun 12:00 - 23:00


Slice: € 2.50


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