Metelkova Ljubljana

Image by Jost Derlink

Metelkova – Alternative epicenter

I think that nobody should leave Ljubljana before seeing Metelkova, because it shows an important side of Ljubljana. Old military barracks transformed into autonomous culture center with clubs (Gromka, Gala Hala, Channel Zero etc.), bars (Jalla Jalla), galleries (Mizzart, Alkatraz), libraries, non-government organizations, hostel (Celica), art studios etc.

It’s also packed with street art – graffiti, sculptures and all kinds of installations. I would say that it’s one of the best public spaces in Ljubljana. I think that if Jane Jacobs, deceased urbanist, would see the place, she would love it, because it’s exactly what she used to say: old buildings – new ideas. She knew that if you want life in a district, it needs certain amount of old buildings. I hope Ljubljana urbanists will keep that in mind in the future.

Metelkova can get really crowded in the evening and it’s a great experience just to hang outside. In Jalla Jalla you can also get the cheapest beer in Ljubljana after 21:00 and at Bizarnica pri Mariči you can get Drina cigarettes.

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Metelkova, Ljubljana

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