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I'm the creator & doer of all things chaotic by nature. Ljubljana, no matter how...

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Before I visited Slovenia, I’d never heard of Jože Plečnik, a favorite of architectural historians. I wasn’t familiar with the man’s work, nor his off-the-wall signature style, which can be found all over town. So the master-LEGO-builder in me feels compelled to guide you to this visionary’s home.

This award-winning museum consists of two houses, side by side, with an adjoining garden that has some architectural relics on display. The exciting bit, for me at least, is what you find when you cross Plečnik’s doorstep. You’ll feel as if you’ve traveled back in time. Walking through his humble abode will give you a genuine feel for the beloved mustachioed creator. His belongings and tools are still in place, and I, for one, absolutely loved checking out this soul’s simple round studio.

Plečnik started redesigning the cityscape when he returned to Ljubljana in 1921. He was juggling plans for the flow of the Ljubljanica, individual buildings, and the overall image of the city simultaneously. An astounding fact that makes him the first man in history who successfully mastered multitasking (in my book). A superpower that remains shrouded in mystery and only comes naturally to women.

Enjoy your search for his creations after you exit through the gift shop. And follow your heart, as this mastermind did. As soon as you see some of his architectural marvels, walking through Ljubljana, you’ll notice that the man was unmistakably talented and progressive. Especially for the day and age in which he roamed the city’s streets.

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Kevin from Ljubljana

Kevin Ducheyne photo

I'm the creator & doer of all things chaotic by nature. Ljubljana, no matter how...

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