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Image by Sunčan Stone

Spider Festival – How rad can you get?

Caution: This festival is not for the traditionalists.

Now you’re probably wondering whether you fall under the term “traditionalist.” If you strongly believe that art should be all about pleasing the eye, then you likely are one. At least when it comes to the cultural aspect of it. But if you’re open to experiencing something different, edgy and maybe even a bit unpleasant, then, my friend, you should definitely visit Spider Festival.

Subtitled “Festival of Radical Bodies”, Spider Festival (16 to 20 June 2021) does well to represent the performative pool of culture, erasing the lines between dance, theatre, music and art. Gathering artists from all over the world, this festival offers a wide range of international “weirdness” that will most likely make your jaw drop. I for one can’t wait to see what Tandem Kresnička (Tatiana Kocmur & Liza Šimenc) has in store for us this time, since last year’s performance Mary Jane (on picture) really blew my mind.

The festival is moderated by one of the most carismatic contemporary performers, Leja Jurišić, who also happens to have an amazing sense of humour, so get ready to laugh your buttocks off. And if that alone isn’t convincing enough, maybe the beautiful venue – Plečnik’s  Summer Theatre – is. Or that you can name your own festival ticket price. Or the bar.

So, let me rephrase my caution notice. This festival is for everyone, especially traditionalists. Because we should all try and get out of our comfort zone and broaden our horizons every now and then.

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Tivoli Castle, Ljubljana

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16 - 20 Jun 2021


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