St. Michael's Church Ljubljana

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

St. Michael’s Church – A Plečnik marvel

I’m not a religious zealot, but I do have a strong opinion about how, despite our ethnicity, political beliefs or religious conviction, we ought to come together as one. Just imagine! That being said, I have no problem with praising Ljubljana’s first mosque or the beautifully decorated Orthodox Church near Tivoli. Subsequently, I feel compelled to write about the quirkiest Catholic church in Ljubljana.

About three kilometers from my favorite bakery, in Ljubljana’s marshlands, on the road to Črna vas, you’ll find an edifice designed by none other than Jože Plečnik. I believe that this ode to a higher power could be one of the renowned architect’s most original creations (built between 1937-1940). The whole realization of this project had its limitations due to a tight budget. Some of the local farmers even donated wood to complete the structure. But the financial restrictions didn’t hamper Plečnik’s creative ingenuity at all. The arcade stairway to the church’s entrance is a testimony to that statement. Is it a stairway to heaven? I cannot find any proof, whether or not one of the members of Led Zeppelin ever visited this gem. But to me, it became the stairway I imagine whenever I hear the band’s legendary, evergreen song.

It will take you a bicycle, a car, or a local bus to reach this location. Nevertheless, this creative marvel is worth a visit. Important side note, tourists can only ogle the church’s magnificent wooden interior by prior arrangement every Saturday and Sunday morning (from 8:00 to 12:00).

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