Street Art Festival Ljubljana

Image by Črt Piksi

Street Art Festival – City as a playground

Where are all my street art lovers at? Because you better be at the one and only contemporary street art festival in Slovenia. I know, I’m a bit late to join this party (your girl is hustling hard lately) but better late than never, right? So get those graffiti sprays out and stencils at the ready! I mean, literally! This festival will hook you up with all sorts of new skills and information that will make you appear more rad and rebellious.

It is not at all obligatory to get your hands dirty and turn all Banksy on us overnight! You can join one of the Periphery of Street Art / Street Art on the Periphery conference (Komuna, Kino Šiška, online), visit one of the exhibitions (Vžigalica Gallery, Metelkova Galleries, DUM Project Space, Dobra Vaga) or mural reveals (Metelkova, Kino Šiška), guided tours (Šiška, center), concerts (Kino Šiška and Metelkova) or even skate session. It is also not necessary to be fully invested in art to join some of the activities. Just pointing that out in case you were getting all up in your head reliving that elementary school trauma when you were the only kid who could not color inside the lines. Although – “crossing the lines” is EXACTLY what street art should be about, so why not give it a try? If you gather your courage, I do advise some of the cool workshops (Metelkova, MGLC) they offer. And HEY! You might bump into me at one of them too.

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27 Jun - 3 Jul 2022




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