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Image by Mankica Kranjec

Street gallery – Free outdoor art

Not far from one of my favorite spots Ziferblat, there is a special wall. This wall might look like just another adverting campaign space but when you take a closer look, you will find intriguing details that will awaken your interest.

This simple but nice outdoor gallery consists of three rectangular spaces that are usually filled up with clever and unique art pieces. The initiative came three years ago when an advertising company decided to offer their advertising space to local artists and their art work. Artists were given a free space and opportunity to create something exclusive, while they also started help to shape the speed of the street pulse of Vegova street with their art.

Now, the usually quiet street changes its visual appearance every month due to its constant change of presented art form and has become interesting not only for the art lovers but also for those who like to explore urban spaces. The curator of the 2017 season is International Centre of Graphic Art and this year’s cycle of street exhibitions will be merged under the name “Watch out! Fresh print!”

P.s.: Don’t forget to check out Soteska alley nearby for some cool graffiti walls as well!

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