Tina Ljubljana

Image by Jost Derlink

Tina – Smiling above Šiška

In 2009 Ljubljana had important artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada over for an art project. He included the, at the time boring, wall of an administrative building in his project Identity Series, in which he drew huge portraits of, then anonymous, locals with charcoal and in Ljubljana he drew Tina. I don’t know exactly how they met but I heard a story that he decided to draw the first random person he’d meet in Ljubljana and Tina made him a coffee in Kino Šiška. I can’t guarantee that it’s true but I like the story, because it means that we’ve gotten the most beautiful pair of eyes above Šiška with a total coincidence.

I pass Tina basically every day on my way to my faculty, job or whatever and the portrait turned into my comfort spot. Even if I have a bad day she calms me down because I know that as long as her smile is guarding Šiška everything will be ok.

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Trg Prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana

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