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Image by Mankica Kranjec

Tovorni Kolodvor – A relic from the past

Greetings adventurer! You’ve clicked on the right article if you’re in search of some relics from the past. Truth be told, I’m not taking you to a graveyard. Therefore, know that you won’t be going home with anything other than your digital snapshots.

Please allow me to take you back to the early 20th century. The first World War had just ended. In a Berlin factory, engineers were designing massive steam locomotives and passenger trains. Remarkable engineering feats elegantly rolled from the East to the West and eventually crossed the entire continent. These glorious machines went on numerous journeys and helped various souls chase their dreams.

The use of these steel beasts slowly phased out. Nevertheless, some of these relics from the past are still visible in Ljubljana. You can find beautifully restored locomotive engines in the Slovenian railway museum, near Ljubljana’s Mosque. But this article is dedicated to a well-preserved unaccompanied iron horse (from 1922) near Ljubljana’s most prominent retail park.

You can see this German locomotive from the busy road. But if you are a charming adventurer or an adrenaline junky, you can try to bypass the barrier. Be warned; the logistical hub is still in use. So, trespass at your own risk! Nevertheless, do try to take some cool snapshots. You can always try to talk your way out of an embarrassing conversation with a security guard. Please respect this old-school marvel of engineering, which seems to have rolled to Ljubljana straight from Hogwarts, while checking it out.

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Tovorni kolodvor, Ljubljana

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