Urban Art (part 1) Ljubljana

Image by Mankica Kranjec

Urban Art (part 1) – Graffiti near a shooting range

Don’t be alarmed when you hear a loud bang, pew, or ra-ta-ta-tat as you close in on this spot. I have no idea how accustomed you are to the sound of a gunshot, but I was definitely startled the first time I heard a gun go off. As an ignorant city boy coming from Antwerp, I never heard a rifle being fired before. Rest assured, there’s no need to pack a piece or wear a bulletproof vest. The blasted tin-projectiles, which you occasionally hear cutting through the fresh Slovenian air with a bang, only pierce inanimate objects. Hoorah!

In other words, the murals I am guiding you to can be seen on the walls that surround a parking lot that borders a shooting range. Why am I taking you here? I truly believe that street art ROCKS. I love it when drab walls are transformed into an open-air canvas, and streets turn into outdoor galleries. Whether it be a commissioned or an illegal piece of spraypaint art, I especially appreciate it when a more profound meaning is included in the artwork.

Some, if not all, of the artwork here, is local. Members of the ‘1107 klan‘ are on display too. Curious? Stop by. Check out some local urban art. It might seem as if you’re in the city center’s backwoods. However, it’s conveniently close to the botanical garden. Just in case that last loud blast made you feel all wound up and you’re yearning for some peace of mind.

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Dolenjska cesta, Ljubljana

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24 hours daily
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