Urban Art (part 2) Ljubljana

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Urban Art (part 2) – Hate it or love it!

This next piece of urban art, at Spodnja Šiška Bike Park, requires a bit of an open, non-judgemental mind. So don’t judge hastily, the aerosol art on display might rinse your soul, clearing off the dust from ordinary life. Thank you, Picasso, for that insight!

Now, I’m a sucker for street art. Hence, this post will be dedicated to the creation of a local artist’s hand. The rascal who spraypainted this piece is known as Azram, a local from the 1107-klan, made in Šiška, and here to live out loud. You’ll find his work scattered all over Ljubljana. Although not all his designs are controversial, know that at times he does push society’s buttons and willingly tries to push the boundaries of some of its taboos.

The piece that you’ll see here was created in 2017. With the #metoo movement seeing the day of light that same year, I can’t help but wonder whether or not there’s any correlation. Anyhow, I suggest you actively try to look for the positive in his work and to overlook what you might not like. Whether it be the beauty, the emotional power, or the location of his creations, I’m sure you can find something positive about them.

So if the urban explorer went to check out Hotel Bellevue on the edge of Tivoli, Ljubljana’s equivalent of NYC’s Central Park, you can go see the mural at the playground of daredevils. Afterward, you can pay Godec Pub a visit and sip on a cold brew.

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