Urban Art (Part 3) Ljubljana

Image by Mankica Kranjec

Urban Art (Part 3) – Subtle sticker art

Creative ways that spruce up our concrete jungles have my support. In other words, urban art will always have a special place in my street-art-addicted-heart. Now, one of the forms of street art that we tend to overlook is sticker art. You know, the slap tags you see in public on the back of a street sign, a pole, or in a bathroom.

Roaming the streets of Ljubljana, you’ll quickly find rebellious stickers scattered across the city. Some slap tags address political agendas, societal issues, or pleasantly interact with people. Spotting unusual, creative, or ballsy stickers is amusing. Sporadically a sticker bomb might even induce an aha – or haha – moment.

Still, you can quickly lose track of time, and an overload of sticker bombs can deaden your appreciation for this low-threshold form of art. Nevertheless, there’s one sticker artist in town, Space Utopian, who keeps you on your toes. This artist’s tags subtly interact with complete strangers in the streets—using nothing else but words. Before you know it, you’ll encounter post boxes that humbly request you to send out more love letters!

You’ll also come across reset buttons that ask you whether you want to reset the world. So, consider this: what would you do if you could reset the world with the push of a button? Give it some thought. Because at the next intersection, you might have no time to think it through (Disclaimer: I pushed the button at the start of 2020).

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