5 of the Best London Pubs Our Locals Can Vouch For

There are few more authentically local experiences in England than sipping a pint of ale in a centuries-old public house (more commonly known as pubs) where the walls reflect a profound nostalgia. London brings two key traits together – history and beer.

Where once upon a time, the likes of Charles Dickens and Samuel Pepys found their inspiration- in maybe one of the next local pubs you are to drop by next.

Southampton Arms London

The Southampton Arms London (by Gary Stephen Mellows-Facer)

The Southampton Arms London is perhaps the epitome of an authentic London pub. It’s our Spotter Josh’s favorite local pub and has “everything a pub should have, but nothing that it shouldn’t…”

The Southampton Arms has 18 hand pulls pumping out real ale (from the likes of Dark Star, Mighty Oak, Moor and Sam Brooks), traditional cider from independent British producers, there’s a record player and a piano in the midst of the classic pub interior. And there is also a pub cat! A sign outside informs ‘ale, cider, meat’ and that’s exactly what it has to offer. Definitely worth a visit in case you’re feeling nostalgic and want to go back to the 1930s…

Duke’s Head Highgate London

Duke’s Head London (by Duke’s Head)

Duke’s Head Highgate London is where the traditional and almighty British Beer meets the food truck Street Food concept. Our Spotter Josh insists that whether you’re a local or a traveller, no matter which side of London you find yourself, this brilliant North London beer house is worth a visit. An understated interior of black walls, wooden panel and ambient hanging bulbs is what makes for the pub’s warm ambience- busy enough to create a buzz, but relaxed enough to chat with the mates, is what makes for a perfect Saturday evening!

Great British beer, a friendly environment and a scrumptious selection of street food… What more could you ask for?!

Pineapple London

The Pinapple London (by Josh Ferry Woodard)

Pineapple London is Kentish Town’s favorite neighborhood pub – and with good reason. Our London Spotter Josh describes it as a real “gem of a pub”. It has everything a pub should have; from the floral wallpaper, board games, friendly staff and of course a good range of beer taps. The ambiance makes for a good mix of an elegant nostalgia and tacky sentimentalism which makes this spot a classic.

What’s worth mentioning is the Thai food that’s available in case you want to stay for a couple more beers as well as the variety of events such as the semi-annual beer fests.

The Trafalgar London

The Trafalgar Tavern London (by Kate Rogers)

The Trafalgar London pub located on the southbank of the Rives Thames, deserves to be on the list considering it has been at the forefront of Britain’s naval history since 1837, having been familiar to works of Charles Dickens and William Gladstone.Aside from the rich history this pub has to offer, our Spotter Claire also describes the beautiful ambience. The pub stands proudly on the bank of the river Thames, where you can find yourself sitting by the water to enjoy the view. However, the pub doesn’t rely on its location as inside the walls also have a history narrative to tell.

The Eagle Pub London

The Eagle London

The Eagle London is reputed for not only being Britain’s first gastropub but to have allegedly coined the term as well. With its mismatched furniture, chalkboard menu and vibrant atmosphere it’s no wonder it’s revolutionized the traditional British pub experience into something new and exciting. Our Spotter Chelsea loves it!

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