Adulis London

Image by Charl Asuit

Adulis – Adding diversity to London’s food scene

One of the great things about London is the immense diversity on offer where you can possibly find and experience every cuisine there is. The more exotic you are, the more likely you are to pique people’s interest. This was certainly the case for me when I discovered Adulis, an Eritrean restaurant. I must admit, however, that I had to look up Eritrea on Google Maps and Wikipedia before booking the table. Not because it will dissuade me but just to get an idea of which part of the world am I about to taste and experience.

As it’s bordered by Ethiopia in the south, it comes as no surprise that their dishes are similar – check out Lalibela. It is traditional to eat with injera, a sourdough flatbread with spongy texture. Basically, you tear a bit of injera and scoop it with a bit of the meat/vegetable/fish dish and stuff it in your mouth. You do this without cutlery, of course. Try an assortment of dishes if you’re visiting for the first time. Make sure that you also finish off your experience with the traditional coffee, which is served in this clay urn/jar sitting tilted atop a special basket. Apparently, it has to be kept that way for the coffee to infuse better.

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112 St John's Hill, London

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 17:00 - 00:00


Mains: £ 11.95


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