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Charl Asuit (1974)

About me
I’m a technology professional with a passion for making technology useful to businesses and organisations. Currently freelancing as a web and digital communications designer, I apply all my knowledge of good design and efficient business processes.

Born in Manila but now established in the land of scones, shortbread and tea even though I’m a bonafide coffee drinker! I’m a singer, dancer, sports fan, foodie and a total gadget geek.

Me and London
I first set foot in London back in 2000, with the glittering lights of the West End beckoning me every weekend from Cambridge. But with each visit, I soon discovered that there is more to this great city than its theatrical stage. I finally moved to London in 2005.

London is having and enjoying the best of a multitude of worlds. It is here that one can maintain their identity at birth while assimilating in a multicultural society. This diversity makes one feel at home straight away even when visiting for the first time.

The city is very much alive and constantly changing, making those who are here now, experiencing its every breath, the true Londoners. A lifetime would not be enough to know this city inside-out but that’s what I intend to uncover.

Where can you find me online?
I’m quite active in various social networks and blogs, click below to find out where else you can find me online.

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