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Peter Clayburn (1985)

About me
I was born in Chicago and grew up in Yorkshire. I’m an interpreter and work mostly for the UN and its specialised agencies, which is my dream job as I’m obsessed with languages and am a travel addict. I also enjoy attempting to cook and take photos, both with unhelpfully variable levels of success, and love dogs and planes but unfortunately don’t currently have one of either.

I first visited London with my mum in 1991; I was about three and a half feet tall at the time and everything seemed huge and unspeakably exciting. The shine that dazzled my six-year-old eyes never wore off: I studied up the road in Oxford for several years and then moved to Geneva for work, but London kept on calling, and I finally moved here in 2012. It was the first time I’d cured my itchy feet.

Why London
I love how London manages to take diversity to such a thrilling extreme. In a single day, you could admire centuries-old turrets framed by cutting-edge architecture in the City, run for miles without seeing a car or perhaps even an inch of tarmac on Hampstead Heath and practise whatever language you’re learning on the city’s streets. You can begin your day slurping a steaming chai in a Bombay-style Irani cafe and end it munching through a khachapuri as deliriously cheesy as the ones in Tbilisi itself. The list goes on, and goes on changing: new structures, businesses, ideas, faces, fashions and ways of having fun are endlessly popping up to delight and surprise.

Where else can you find me online?
I’m on Twitter and share pictures with my much more photogenic other half on Instagram.

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