Conservatory Archives London

Image by Andrew Sidford

Conservatory Archives – Glorious plants

It’s hard to describe Conservatory Archives and do it justice. It is a one-off. Or it feels like it is. A gorgeous old Victorian shop has been truly transformed into an oasis.

Magnificent full height front windows are packed full of plants. They hang from the rafters. They fill the floor space. They overfill the shelves. They spill out onto the road. And you will probably want every single one of them!

They are all wonderful and interesting and exotic and all curated for the urban dweller. This is a specialist indoor gardening store but with structure and architecture in mind. Spectacular Instagram-ready plants. Huge cactus. Tiny sedums. And everything in between.

The shop interior it rough and ready and its past as ironmongers shows through on the walls. But look through the foliage and you might find a lovely piece of Danish mid-century modern for sale. Or some bric-a-brac. Or a animal figurine. Or a wonderful pot for a plant you already own.

This is urban living, dominated by plants, and it is wonderful.

If you go, be prepared that you WILL leave with a new plant. Its is almost impossible not to. Last time I left with a jungle cactus that is huge and wonderful and in a hanging basket. Fingers crossed the ceiling holds out…

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Details about this spot



493-495 Hackney Road, London

Opening Times

Tue - Fri 12:00 -19:00, Sat - Sun 11:30 - 19:00


Large cactus: £ 10


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