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John Simons – The Ivy look

Confession time… I am a graphic designer who likes jazz and Swiss graphic design from the 60s. I also like the Ivy League look.

The neat clean lines. The art. The ‘look’. They all work for me and if they work for you then you need to head to John Simons for your fix.

John Simons (the man, not the shop) is a legend. Vice magazine called him ‘one of the unsung heroes of British post-war fashion’. This is the man who has been selling the Ivy look since 1964. The man who first imported Filson, Pendleton and Brooks Brothers. The man who influenced and sold to the original London mods and who is still selling to the urban modernist now.

The shop represents all that is good about John Simons and the Ivy look. It brings together art, design, jazz and quality menswear. This is the shop if you want to buy Florsheim or Baracuta or the JS own brand… Simply put, this is the shop you go to if you want to be Steve McQueen

If I had the money I’d dress head-to-toe with clothes from John Simons, but I can’t, so I settle for the occasional visit and wait for the twice yearly sale. Sign up for the mailing list to know when they are.

Chiltern Street itself is well worth a stroll along anyway. It’s been dubbed ‘London’s coolest street’ so make time to stop at Nordic Bakery or The Monocle Cafe and imagine yourself Thomas Crown.

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46 Chiltern Street, London

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Tue - Sat 11:00 - 18:00


Shirt: £ 49


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