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Amelia Rynkowska (1985)

About me
Suffering from a bout of hysteria, I shifted my consciousness from London, England to convalesce a tree house in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. Since moving to Los Angeles in early 2012, I have been privileged enough to be exposed to the frontiers of Pacific living: a more holistic and alternative lifestyle, which has resulted in more creative writing pursuits, environmental conservation, dabbling in screen acting, medium format film photography and culinary health conscious experimentations.

Why Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is a treasure map and we are the pirates, where to find the pot of gold you have to search for it. Beyond the star emblazoned celebrity saturated and tourist centric Hollywood (Boulevard), is a land rich with dusty canyons, vast undulating hills with panoramic views, characterful wildlife and azure skies endorsed by a sun which rarely leaves this state.

From the Pacific shores to the desert plains sandwiched by inspiring characters, fresh produce, cultural diversity, and neighbourhoods where no two houses look the same nor where no two cities within Los Angeles County offer the same experiences. What binds it all is the mind set of Los Angeleans: the fairytale land of movies and dreamers which make this place a personality enriched bubble where deepening your experience comes from how much you want to take from it and how open you are to experiencing it.

Where can you find me online?
(for a more esoteric, ethereal vision of Los Angeles and and the surrounding natural beauty of California)

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