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Best Thrift Shops – One man’s trash!

I love thrift shopping!

Like treasure hunting, you never know what you’ll find. There’s joy in seeing new value in old things and breathing in a fresh life of ideas. I like my thrift shops to be priced like someone got rid of it, not confused like a Ross or TJ Maxx. I like to hunt for cute shirts, skirts, silver, scarves, jewelry, books, baskets and things that pop interesting! My favorite neighborhoods to thrift in LA are: Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank and hood-rich parts of Los Angeles. Here’s the List:

Best “Thrift Shops” in LA:

Bell Thrift

SOS Thrift

LA Road Thrift

Assisted League – Thrift Alley

Thrift Dynasties: Goodwill, Assisted League, The Council Sh0p

These dynasties have multiple shops in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, but my favorite is Thrift Alley in Glendale. Anything volunteer-run by elderly ladies is either fair priced of full of Karens. I’m happy that Thrift Alley is both. It’s open Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 2pm and has a nice variety of for all types! Good luck in your treasure hunting & for reading my article, here’s a bonus MAP of the best thrift and vintage shops in LA! If you’d like to discover “The Best Vintage Shops in LA”, read my article HERE.

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314-A East Harvard St. Glendale, Los Angeles

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Wed - Sat 10:00 - 14:00




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