Café Jack Los Angeles

Image by Julian Sosa

Café Jack – A Titanic-themed restaurant

I should warn you this is not a fancy homage to the Titanic, but actually a low-budget tribute to the film (with Café Jack taking its name from Leonardo DiCaprio’s character). There are pictures from the movie all around but much of the decoration is not Titanic-related. I actually didn’t even realize it was inspired by the film until my second visit here!

So the interior and the décor of the boat are not particularly impressive, but it’s nonetheless kind of incredible just how massive it is (something you can’t really tell from the outside). It’s normally described as a restaurant, but I’ve always thought of it as more of a coffee place. I’ve never had food here, so I can’t speak much on that. However, given the sheer size and wild theme of this place, I’d recommend instead ordering a drink and just walking around, exploring this crazy ship.

It’s such a big place (this can’t be understated!), it can feel quite empty and a bit spooky but, if you ask me, that’s part of the charm of Café Jack.

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508 S Western Ave, Los Angeles

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12:00 - 01:00 daily


House coffee: US$ 5

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