Museum of Jurassic Technology Los Angeles

Image by Amelia Rynkowska

Museum of Jurassic Technology – Eccentric exhibits

I presumed, because of its prehistoric sounding name that said museum had something to do with A. Dinosaurs and B. Paleontologists’ accoutrements. How wrong I was. More a labyrinthine of curiosities and exhibited peculiarities, which pays tribute to obscure imaginative and scientific achievements, the Museum of Jurassic Technology presents an experience for any obtuse fact hunters out there.

It has a beguiling quality, albeit creepy in parts. I almost had a mild panic attack after staring at a hologram displaying the hands of a cat’s cradle competitor, furiously contorting her fingers around string, whilst an accompanying voice over uttered in precise detail the mathematics of symmetry. Another dizzying room displayed gaudy framed regal portraits of canine stars: all had been part of the Soviet space program. I couldn’t help but feel a little envious that mixed bred Belka had been to the moon and barked at the earth from space. 

There’s a little too much information to be absorbed in the museum’s entirety and some sections are not as well maintained due to, I’m guessing, a lack of funding (illegible text and dusty looking models). However, it isn’t difficult to spend more time perusing sections of interest, I spent a long time absorbing a ferociously detailed exhibit; thorough text and characterful accompanying models about belief, knowledge and hyper symbolic cognition.

And now I know why ant eggs were administered medicinally to cure painful pangs of love. Pretty weighted in terms of conversation capital, if you ask me.

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9341 Venice Boulevard Culver City, Los Angeles

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Thu 14:00 - 20:00, Fri - Sun 12:00 - 18:00


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