Venice Beach Drum Circle Los Angeles

Image by Francesca Murray

Venice Beach Drum Circle – No judgment zone

I stumbled upon the Venice Beach Drum Circle years ago by accident. I was strolling along the boardwalk on a warm Sunday evening and was stopped by the sound of drums. It isn’t uncommon to hear music along the boardwalk, but this was a different kind of music. It was the sound of live drummers and was somehow melodic and chaotic at the same time. The closer I got to it I realized it was coming from the sand and that there were people also cheering and singing. When I finally found the source I was completely surprised. There were people of all ages and walks of life drumming and dancing in a circle!

The Venice Beach Drum circle is one of LA’s best kept secrets. This is a good thing because too many people could easily kill the vibe and take away from the very essence of it. The point is simple: gather around, make some music, feel the music, move to the music, and don’t judge. It is small and communal, and there is no fee. Go and check it out, just remember to have an open mind! There is no specific time, but you can usually find it happening just before sunset on Sundays. 

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1833 Ocean Front Walk # 33, Los Angeles

Opening Times

Sun 14:00


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