Primavera Centre Comercial Luxembourg City

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Raphael from Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is incredible - it mixes the life of the capital with a touch of...

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It is nothing new to hear the Portuguese language when you are walking through Luxembourg – after all, the Portuguese represent more than 30% of the total number of foreigners who live here and also those who have dual citizenship. It is estimated that more than 15% of the population of this small country of 650 thousand inhabitants are Portuguese, so of course we will find many traditionally Portuguese places, and Primavera is one of them.

This small market located in a traditionally commercial district is a true paradise for lovers of Portuguese wines, olives, condiments, flour, delicious Portuguese bakery products, and of course, the butcher shop, with the famous pork, sausages and seafood.

And that’s not all! Here you can find products from other countries like Brazil, for example, and because I’m Brazilian-Luxembourgish (I’m not Portuguese) I don’t forget to stop by and buy cassava flour, sour and sweet polvilho, to prepare our famous “pão de queijo” (they have frozen too!), the famous Brazilian paçoca (a must!), beans and lentils.

The service is usually in Portuguese, but you can easily communicate in French and English. They have a free parking lot (just validate your ticket at the market). There are also some shops inside the place, such as religious products, supplements, handicrafts and cannabis (in Luxembourg CBD is legal).

Whether you are Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Australian, German or from anywhere else in the world, it is worth knowing a little bit of the delicious tradition that influences this small country of the Duke!

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Raphael from Luxembourg City

Raphael Koerich photo

Luxembourg City is incredible - it mixes the life of the capital with a touch of...

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