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Lyon, France (by Mitchell Henderson)

One of the next city guides we would like to launch as part of our mission of promoting authentic culture is Lyon!

Although Lyon is far from unknown, it is often overshadowed by other French cities such as Paris, Nice, and Marseille. However, we believe that Lyon is no less beautiful or interesting than any of these, and we need you, the locals who love Lyon, to share its beauty with the rest of the world!

Parc de la Tête d’Or, Lyon (by Bastien Nvs)

History, art, and culture define Lyon. Its districts are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites; its museums, murals, and sculptures attract people from all over the world. But even then, beyond all this, there is still far more to Lyon. All of its little well-kept secrets, hidden gems, places that only locals would know of. All of this and more is what Lyon is actually about. However, these are all things that tourists would normally never be able to find; which is why we are asking you, Lyon locals, to share your secrets to the world, to reveal the side of Lyon that only you know.

So what is it like to experience Lyon like a local? Where can you get the best coffee or local quenelle? Where do locals relax or celebrate? This is what we and many travelers want to know!

Are you a Lyon loving local?

We aim to show visitors (and locals!) the real culture of Lyon beyond the tourist highlights. We are looking for locals who’d like to share their passion and spread the word about Lyon by blogging about their favorite spots. Browse around our current 80+ city blogs and learn more about our amazing community & vision!

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