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Connor Ryall (1992)

About me
New York-born, now living in Madrid. I have always had a sense of adventure and an attraction to the unknown. I moved to Madrid in 2015 and currently teach English in a public high school. In my free time you can find me traveling to new places, staying active, and grabbing a drink with friends. I try to live as simply as possible and take the time to enjoy the life I have created for myself. The best advice I have ever been given is to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Why Madrid
Madrid is truly unlike any other city in Europe. The saying, “It has it all” is not only a simple cliché for what you will experience here. In how many cities can you have a quiet and relaxed morning with a coffee, spend the afternoon on a hike in the mountains, grab a full dinner at 10pm and finish the night dancing until the sun comes up? Madrid has a wild energy that drags you in but, at the same time, offers a peaceful and tranquil side to its vibrant streets. The people of Madrid have created a welcoming atmosphere where the only goal is to live a happy life.

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