Best Local Relaxing Spots in Madrid

Welcome to Madrid! A bustling city which always welcomes you with sun, laughter and pleasant surprises. We are sure that your trip to the capital of Spain will contain a crazy nightlife, finger-licking’ food, and unforgettable adventures. But there is a great possibility that in one particular moment you will feel the need to escape from all the bustle, find a peaceful spot and relax, relax, relax… Our local Spotters know some special places that will knock your socks off!  So, we present you a list with some of the best local up-to-date relaxing hotspots in Madrid. Keep calm and relax!

Parque de las Siete Tetas

Parque de las Siete Tetas Madrid

Parque de las Siete Tetas (by Jillian Meyer)

Let’s start our list with a place which has one of the best views of the city and is super popular amongst locals. The spot that we are talking about is called Parque de las Siete Tetas. Which means ‘Seven Boobs Park’… Its original name is actually Cerro del Tío Pío though, so if you decide to look for more information about this place, try to use both names. Parque de las Siete Tetas is a unique park: when you reach the top of it, you can admire a fantastic panorama of Madrid. On the left, you can see Atocha train station, in the middle – buildings of the Plaza de España and Pirulí tower. And, of course, beautiful Sierra de Guadarrama mountains in the background! You can reach the park simply by bike or take the metro line 1 to Portazgo or the Buenos Aires stop. Our local Jillian says this park is a perfect choice for a picnic or siesta, especially at sunset as the view is breathtaking!

Madrid Rio

Madrid Río

Madrid Río (by Alba Ruiz)

Another recreational and exceptional area, called Madrid Río, is situated near the Manzanares river. The park has a huge spectrum of activities for all age-groups. Locals often choose this park for jogging or simply to relax after work or during weekends. But Madrid Río has so much more to offer: here you can find a super-futuristic bridge, which reminds us of a huge rolled-up tube, bike paths, a skatepark and – probably the most exciting – giant slides combined with wooden labyrinths. We know you want to wake up your inner child, so go ahead, have fun! By the way, our Spotter Elena mentioned that very close to Madrid Río you can find the contemporary art center Matadero de Madrid with an impressive movie theatre inside, called Cineteca de Madrid.

Teleferico Terrace

Teleferico Terrace Madrid

Teleferico Terrace (by Johan Nordin)

If you are visiting Madrid, you can’t leave the city without taking a ride with el Teleférico the mountain lift. It is an extremely cheap and super exciting way to reach one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Madrid. You will start your journey from the Paseo del Pintor Rosales street and it will last about 15 minutes. The cabins reach a maximum height of 40 meters above the ground. During those 15 minutes, you will have the perfect opportunity to admire the most beautiful views of the city from a different perspective. The journey finishes at the top of the Casa de Campo Park where you will find a restaurant with terrace. We highly recommend you to stay for a little longer, grab a drink or a snack and peacefully enjoy the panorama of the city.

Parque Juan Carlos I

Parque Juan Carlos I Madrid

Parque Juan Carlos I (by Camilo Rueda López)

Last, but definitely not least in this list is Parque Juan Carlos I. This park distinguishes itself from other parks with its modern sculptures that catch everyone’s attention and with its lack of greenery (in comparison with the other relaxing spots that were mentioned in this article). Look at the picture above the text. Did you notice the arm, crawling out from the ground? Insane! It’s only one of the many sculptures that were created by architects and urban designers. Parque Juan Carlos I is the main municipal park in Madrid and was meant as a celebration for becoming the European Capital of Culture in 1992. Our local Johan says that this park is usually not really crowded, so you will be able to relax and explore its attractive weirdness in Madrid’s unusual serenity.

Reina Sofía Museum

Reina Sofía Museum Madrid

Reina Sofía Museum (by Nadia Perez Rojas)

A museum isn’t necessarily a real relaxing spot, but the Reina Sofía Museum definitely is. It’s not just about the ongoing exhibitions. The garden is filled with sculptures by Joan Miró, making it the perfect combination of art and natural beauty. Apart from that, you can have a seat at the museum café or the library which is dedicated to modern art books. Because the museum is quite often freely accessible, you don’t even have to pay an entrance fee if you just want to relax for a bit. Don’t forget to visit the artworks of course but also pay attention to the more relaxed side of it.

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