Museo Arqueológico Nacional Madrid

Image by Johan Nordin

Museo Arqueológico Nacional – You’re not that old

If you were one of those kids that jumped out of the sandbox and ran to your mom screaming, “mommy mommy I found something”, and you were absolutely positive that what you had in your hands was of utter historic importance, when in fact it was probably just a glass shard from a beer bottle fight the young delinquents of the neighborhood had the night before, well, then Museo Arqueológico Nacional is the place for you.

Take a refurbished monster of a building, cram it packed with a buttload of old things people have dug up out of the ground (and a few other items, there’s an abundance of coins in case anyone felt a little Robert De Niro-ish and wanted to pull one last heist before retiring), mix it with human history from the neanderthals to modern times and you have the national archeological museum.

It’s located on Calle Serrano which is very central so after the sugar high your kids are coming down from, drag them over here and show them some cool spears, skulls and hunting tools and teach them a thing or two about the hardships of the old times.

And isn’t that why we all go to museums in the first place anyway? To see how messed up and freaky humanity and the world could be back then so that we feel a tiny bit better about ourselves for a fraction of a second?

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Calle Serrano 13, Madrid

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Tue - Sat 09:30 - 20:00, Sun 09:30 - 15:00


Admission: € 3


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