Trashumancia 2022 Madrid

Image by Andrea Lucy Roberts

Trashumancia 2022 – The sheep are back!

Every autumn, visitors and residents of Madrid alike can enjoy a rural spectacle right in centre of town with La Fiesta de la Trashumancia.

In this ancient festival, forgotten for many years but resurrected in 1993, shepherds move their flocks to warmer pastures for the winter, and over 1,000 sheep, along with some goats and oxen, crowd through the streets of the capital. They are accompanied by dancers and musicians, colourfully clothed in regional dress. The participants are all shepherds and their families, and come from far and wide to celebrate their traditions and way of life. The incongruity of livestock trotting through modern Madrid is thrilling and unique.

The route comes up Calle Mayor from the Casa del Campo, through Sol, along Calle Alcalá to Cibeles and then back round the way it came – as the procession comes full circle, if you miss it going up, you can catch it coming down. Place yourself anywhere on this route to catch all the action – I usually get myself a coffee, then wait around Plaza De la Villa on Calle Mayor. Once the procession has passed, you can either follow it, or find a bar, have some vermut and tapas, and wait for everyone to come back again!

This year it is taking place on Sunday, October 23. Times are approximate, as I found out the first year I went; the sheep had left Sol a full hour before the programmed time of 11:00, so top tip – get there early!

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Plaza Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Opening Times

2nd or 3rd Sunday of October - as early as possible


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