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Adarsh Ravichandran (1989)

About me
I’m a student of linguistics and I have been a resident of Malmö for a few years. I enjoy working as a tour guide and showing people around this quaint little city while telling them about the quirks of Swedish culture and society. I like to work out and stay fit, cycle in the countryside, read a lot and attend concerts. I also spend a lot of time analyzing TV series and movies. I love traveling and I go to at least one new country every year — I often bring back some history and culture of every place I visit.

Why Malmö
Malmö is not a traditional tourist destination. The best part about it is the mixing of two worlds – the old and the post-modern. Out in West Harbour we have the post-modern architecture, the solar powered neighborhood, and a booming start-up culture while in the old town we have buildings almost 500 years old and narrow cobblestone paths that echo of the ages gone by. Malmö is a very diverse city with large numbers of Danes, Poles, Turks, Middle Easterners and Latinos in the population and this adds flavor to the city, something that is not found in any other Swedish city.

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