Murals on Grynbodgatan Malmo

Image by Adarsh

Murals on Grynbodgatan – Street graffiti

Malmö is known for its art and artists, and much of that is expressed quite openly and freely. The art in the city is not always confined to galleries or museums — it’s often found on the streets, on pavements, and in full view of the public.

One such exhibit is on Grynbodgatan, a narrow cobblestone path in Old Town. There are two murals that occupy two entire walls on adjacent buildings. They’re found on the corner of Gryndbogatan and Ostindiefararegatan and overlook a small parking lot. Of the two murals, one is a girl holding a strange, octopus-like, tentacled creature. It is called Magic Book and is by artist Natalia Rak. The second one is quite abstract and like most modern art, open to subjective interpretation. It is by Ola Kalnin, a native of Malmö.

There is very little known about the origin of these murals and the site itself offers no information besides the names of the artists. Perhaps some digging through the city municipality’s website might return something. That said, these two murals are quite an eyeful: each of them covers the entire wall of a three-story building and are rich in color and vibrance. They make a great sight for when you’re casually strolling through Old Town and make for a memorable picture for any visitor.

I personally like to stop and look at them for a few seconds each time I pass the street, and I think they have an uplifting effect on a gloomy or rainy day as the colors contrast with the grey that shrouds the city throughout the year.

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Grynbodgatan 11, Malmo

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