Scania Badet Malmo

Image by Karl Yngström

Scania Badet – Swim at Turning Torso

In 2001, a new area opened in Malmö as a part of the building exhibition Bo01 (Living 2001). The area is now called Västra hamnen and is situated in part of the old harbor area. Here you can find Turning Torso, the old Kockums area and more. Among other great things in the area there is Scania park and, most of all, Scania badet (Bath – as in swimming). The water here is deep and cold, and there is a very nice wooden porch where you can soak in the sun. I like coming here when I want to take a swim without kids, since I like the depth and coldness of the water. 

There is also an open grass area, where you can have a picnic, play soccer or just chill or soak in the sun, if there is no more room by the sea. If you are in Malmö on a hot summer day and would prefer not to get sand between your toes, then try this place. It is always crowded, but there is always room for another to soak in the sun. 

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Malmö Scaniabadet, Malmo

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24 hours daily




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