Sibbarp Kallbadhus Malmo

Image by Sine Jochumsen

Sibbarp Kallbadhus – Swim all year long!!

In Malmö there are two places that you can go skinny dipping all year long, at least if you want to stay hot in a sauna. The smallest cold swim house (direct translation of kallbadhus) is the one in Sibbarp. This is how it works: you pack your towel, flip flops, shampoo, and water bottle. You pay the entrance and go either in the women’s or man’s dressing room. You undress. Then you decide if you want to:

a. Take a swim in the ocean first.

b. Want to heat up before going into the ocean. 

If a: put on your flip flops, and go outside and take a swim in the ocean. 

If b: take a quick shower and then go into the heated sauna and enjoy the heat and view over Øresund. Bring your towel to sit on and water bottle for drinking if you stay for a longer period in the sauna. When you become too hot, do as described in a. 

Then just continue doing this for as long as you want. 

If the weather is nice, you can sunbathe outside. 

The outside is my favourite part — it is old and nice to just sit and relax and enjoy the view. 

Afterwards, you can buy a cake or some food at the café and I promise you will feel relaxed. I mostly come here from October to April, but you can enjoy it all year long.

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Strandgatan 85, Malmo

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Vary (take a look at their homepage)


Entrance: SEK 65


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