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Joe Holdsworth (1947)

About me
I don’t really have a home town because my dad was in the Royal Air Force and was posted to stations all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East. However, somehow, I ended up in Manchester (it’s a long story) and it has been my adopted city for about thirty years.

One thing that kept me here was the friendliness of the people: the other was the furniture manufacturing business I started and made a living from for many years. I don’t do that anymore – I sold it to a couple of my employees – so I have time now to read, write and explore all things that interest me, history, jazz, film, socio-political theories etc. Along the way, I have acquired an appetite for other good stuff – such as food and drink that is natural, honest and additive-free.

I am a city-centre flat-dweller and have no desire to move out to the country – or even as far as the suburbs. There be dragons!

Why Manchester
Manchester has a unique place in history, having been described as the first ‘modern’ city because it grew out of the Industrial Revolution. (Marx and Engels both came here to study the unique social conditions.) That heritage is still visible in many buildings and it permeates the institutions and culture of the people. However, the city is far from static or dependent on its past. It is growing again, but this time driven by a knowledge-based economy, which means it is full of youth and vigour, day and night. The centre is compact and walkable, so you can pack a lot into your day without taking public transport, but if you want to venture to the fringes, you will find it quick and easy.

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