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Marseille (by Florian Wehde)

One of the next city guides we would like to launch as part of our mission of promoting authentic culture is Marseille!

Marseille is one of France’s most visited cities, and for good reason. However, it is often the case that, for such popular cities, tourists are unable to understand the true essence of the city. They get stuck on the touristy highlights and fail to see beyond. That’s why we need you, Marseille locals, to show the world what your city really is about.

Avenue du Prado, Marseille (by Lena Paulin)

Marseille is the oldest city in France, as well as the second largest after Paris. It is a port city with beautiful beaches, as well as some of the most colorful, and fun-to-explore streets in the world. These are but a few of Marseille’s appeals, a few of the reasons so many are attracted to it every year. These people often visit places such as Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, Abbaye Saint-Victor, and The Vieux Port; all of which are impressive, but contribute to but a small part of Marseille’s story. What is, then, the Marseille that you know, that others never get to?

So what is it like to experience Marseille like a local? Where can you get the best coffee or local bouillabaisse? Where do locals relax or celebrate? This is what we and many travelers want to know!

Are you a Marseille loving local?

We aim to show visitors (and locals!) the real culture of Marseille beyond the tourist highlights. We are looking for locals who’d like to share their passion and spread the word about Marseille by blogging about their favorite spots. Browse around our current 80+ city blogs and learn more about our amazing community & vision!

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