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Cynthia Estrada (1981)

About me
I love cooking, dancing, rock climbing, exercising, writing and chocolate. What I love the most is road trips and camping with my pack.

In my free time I help people improve their lifestyles through healthy cooking and making new habits. I also help small local business with their digital marketing strategy.

Why Mexico City
Mexico City can be deceiving. Most people think it’s just another dangerous city with skyscrapers.

The truth is: everything you want, you can find it here. Every kind of entertainment, music, culture, subculture, art form, food, clothes, mountains, woods, lonely towns, crowded ones. It’s huge and it’s amazing.

We are in constant movement, and right now we are creating great changes, not only in the city but in the whole country. I have seen so much beauty and so much contrast, I feel grateful.

Where else can you find me online?

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