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Rafael from Mexico City

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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Tlatelolco, whose name comes from Nahuatl, is a part of the city with great historical importance. The Centro Cultural Tlatelolco is a place where you can find music, art, cinema and tons about history.

Both on the website and on the Facebook page they announce information about their daily events, whether they be film functions, concerts, documentaries, workshops or talks.

In this cultural center, you can learn about the student movement of 1968, the reason it started and the deplorable actions that the Mexican government took against students, ending up in a student massacre just a few blocks from this place.

On one side of this center, there is the archaeological zone of Tlatelolco dating from 1337, served as a ceremonial center and alternate city of the Mexica group in the great Tenochtitlán. This archaeological site, apart from the cultural center, can also be visited every day from 08:30. to 18:00.

My perfect itinerary at this place is to start with the archaeological zone and church and finish in the cultural center at some film, concert or exhibition. One of the best things to get out of it when it’s dark is its lighting, full of red and blue retro colors with shapes that resemble Arabic architecture. It offers, without a doubt, one of the best photo opportunities of the city if you take it from the archaeological site and towards the cultural center building.

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Rafael from Mexico City

Rafael Murrieta photo

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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