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Rafael from Mexico City

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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The Espacio Escultórico of UNAM is a place with the perfect balance between a natural landscape and the beauty of human architectural art. It was inaugurated in 1977 as an attempt by the sculptor Federico Silva to shape the geometric sculptural movement that existed at the time.

The site is naturally composed by volcanic stone, endemic trees, and plants from the Pedregal area. The main complex consists of several triangular structures, on a circular platform between the triangles, there are 4 spaces that are oriented towards the 4 cardinal points, another way to represent the worldview of Pre-Hispanic cultures.

You can either climb the sculptures or enter the circle in the volcanic environment – if you do, just show respect: do not mistreat it or leave your trash behind. The second part of this great work consists of 6 different sculptures — much smaller than the main one but without doubt also uniquely beautiful.

Walking around the place, and especially climbing one of the triangles of the sculptures, gives me a sense of connection with both the surrounding nature and the geometric universe and certainly makes me reflect on the tiny place we occupy in it. It’s even better if you do so with a special person.

The access is free from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00. Lately, sometimes it’s closed without prior notice, but it’s still worth taking the risk. Going there from the very morning is also a way to celebrate life with a recovery bath of the first light of sun.

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Rafael from Mexico City

Rafael Murrieta photo

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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Mario de La Cueva, Coyoacán, Mexico City

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