Lago de Chapultepec Mexico City

Image by Andrea Maldonado

Lago de Chapultepec – Sunday walk

Lately, I’ve been exploring new hobbies and mountaineering has caught my attention. Before I start exploring mountains and snow, I thought it would be nice to experience walking long distances. And so, I took on walking from my home to the Chapultepec Lake, for a total distance of 11k! 

A place rather popular among city residents and tourists alike, the Chapultepec lake is a prefect place to have a long walk in the morning. My suggestion with this spot is: the sooner, the better. As the day goes by, this artificial lake starts to get super crowded, both with humans and lovely dogs. 

Built in 1898, this artificial lake is part of the biggest urban park in Latin America. It is surrounded by restaurants, such as Café del Lago where you can toss bread to the ducks in the lake through a terrace (one of my fondest memories as a little girl) and a running track that takes you through a great part of the Chapultepec forest. 

You can walk, cycle or run around the lake, and if going around it isn’t quite your deal, you can actually sail across it! Either on a row-boat or a swan boat (because there’s always chance to get romantic) the lake offers a relaxing time in the nature without leaving the city. 

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Paseo de la Reforma 203, Mexico City

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24 hours daily


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