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Rafael from Mexico City

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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The whole place is one of the most popular for locals on Sundays — going with their kids to learn about animals at the zoo, watching a concert at Casa de Lago, doing some exercise or going for a picnic.

But in all the expanse of this amazing place, there is a particular spot surrounded by ahuehuete trees, ‘old men of the water’. It’s an area that seems to have come straight out of those stories books with a castle behind a lake, with all kinds of princesses walking by.

Even just for eating, chilling, reading, enjoying life… It’s worth it to take with you a hammock, as there you can find some poles to set it up. On weekends before 15:00, if you walk around, you might find a guy from the park lending green hammocks who will ask you for ID. It’s 100% better to bring your own, otherwise you will have to return it before he leaves.

The landscape with the lake and those ahuehuete trees, their reflection on the water, with some birds flying by, well …. just imagine how cool it is.

You can be there until the park closes, that is from 08:00 to 17:00, except on Mondays when it is closed. There are so many cultural activities all-year-long with the Chapultepec castle just behind it and Casa de Lago at the front, so you could plan your visit well by looking this month’s activities on their social media.

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Rafael from Mexico City

Rafael Murrieta photo

I am a life learner and lover. We have to live each day as the last, because we ...

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