Mercado Cero Mexico City

Image by Cynthia Estrada

Mercado Cero – Zero waste in style

Mercado Cero in Mexico City is a monthly bazaar that was born in 2018 when Melissa shared her passion and struggles to create a zero-waste lifestyle with Mariana, Jimena and Jenn. That was enough to convince these amazing women to create a space for like-minded people or anyone who would like to join this movement.

The first edition took place on July 21 and gathered 3,500 consumers, over 90 exhibitors and offered around 20 lectures and workshops. Pretty amazing for a first edition!

At Mercado Cero you will find everything you need to become a zero waste expert doing it in style. Products offered at this place are high quality with trendy desings. You can find from bamboo tooth brushes to biodegradable coffins.

What I love the most about this bazaar is that the project itself and all products offered are created by passionate people.

I love to hear them talk about what they are doing, why are they doing it, what they would like to accomplish and how this may help save our species. The world will be here long after we are gone, believe me.

My favorite ones are:

Limbo is a food securtiy project that allows you to be part of this important mission.

Flor y Barro creates beautiful spaces, provides oxygen with ecologically grown plants.

Recortándote upscales hand made clothes. I just love my porcupine shirt!

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Tlaxcala 160, Mexico City

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Sat - Sun 10:00 - 20:00




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