Mercado De San Juan Mexico City

Image by Cynthia Estrada

Mercado De San Juan – Focus on the fish!

Mercado de San Juan is a traditional market, you will find it in every tourist guide with the recommendation to try the insects and baguettes. And you should try them, but…

This time I would like you to focus on the fish!

Local 84, “Pescadería Eladios” is our destination.

This spot called for my attention the first time I went to Mercado de San Juan. The owner sits, kind of on top of his stand, cleaning fish with so much patience it seems to me as love. I do enjoy standing and watching for a while. 

While he cleans fish, his daughter and son sell fresh ceviche, cocktails, oysters and any kind of sea food you can think for. You can sit there enjoying an amazing meal while the market keeps moving like crazy. 

From time to time, young men and women will offer “aguas frescas”, flavor water. On my last visit, it was recommended to me to drink cucumber, chia and lemon water to go with my fresh shrimp ceviche. 

This market is famous because of its extravagant ingredients and most renowned restaurants purchase some of their ingredients here. 

Extra tip: look for the edible flowers spot and ask for the “Raíz de Oro” candy. 

I do recommend you hire a guide to visit this market. 

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Details about this spot



Calle Ernesto Pugibet No 21, Mexico City

Opening Times

09:00 - 17:00 daily


Tostada: MXN 85

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