Mercado el 100 Mexico City

Image by Cynthia Estrada

Mercado el 100 – Grocery or just chilling?

Mercado el 100 is one of the oldest local organic markets in the city. It’s an outdoor market near a beautiful park where it seems that instead of doing your grocery you are actually just chilling for a while. 

I love this place. 

The produce is beautiful, like small pieces of art turned into veggies and fruits. If you like to cook, here you will find the most interesting ingredients. Don’t know what something is? Ask! People love to explain what they are selling. 

Producers also sell ready-to-eat food, so please skip breakfast or you will miss out on some really interesting flavors.  

The product quality is really high, so the prices match the quality. If you’d like to have a similar experience and spend less, you can visit:

Tianguis Orgánico Bosque de Agua

Foro Tianguis Alternativo Ecológico

I know that you been told you can “regatear” (bargain) at markets; please avoid it: in this way you recognize the producers’ hard work and organic farming can keep going. Thank you!

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Details about this spot



Calle Orizaba S/N, Mexico City

Opening Times

Sun 10:00 - 14:00

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