Museo Memoria y Tolerancia Mexico City

Image by Alberto Barquet Lugo

Museo Memoria y Tolerancia – A Museum to remember

Right in front the Alameda Central and next to the Foreign Affairs building is the Memory and Tolerance Museum. A pair of wings welcomes and invited me to take a picture, as if they were waiting for me to join them and fly away into a journey to the past.

However, once inside, I discovered that this was not a traditional museum. Through its corridors and halls, I learned that humanity has made a lot of mistakes: homicide, genocide and some other terrors are explained here with an educational pitch. The events of WW2, The Jewish Holocaust and the African Genocide are part of the permanent exhibition that I can find every time I visit.

The Museum also has a café and I can easily take some minutes to read some chapters of the book I just bought at the gift shop.

The visit to the Memory and Tolerance museum marks my heart and my mind with the words: Remember so we don’t forget, learn so we don’t repeat.

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Avenida Juárez 8, Mexico City

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Tue - Fri 09:00 - 18:00, Sat - Sun 10:00 - 19:00


Gen. admittance: MXN 90


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