Our Top 5 Authentically Local Taco Places in Mexico City

When traveling, you always want to experience traditional cuisine where it was first created. There’s no doubt that an authentic food experience is a part and parcel of visiting different cities-and what better way to do so than to visit those that locals themselves love! We asked our Mexico City Spotters which restaurants were some of the best when it comes to Tacos….

In random order:

1. Barbacoa El Mexiquense

Barbacoa Mexico City

Barbacoa El Mexiquense is an interesting restaurant that serves traditional barbacoa-sheep meat cooked in a hole in the ground. According to Spotter Andrea, sheep meat is placed on maguey leaves in a hole in the ground-which serves as an oven for the meat to cook in-along with hot coals. This meat is traditionally eaten with tacos as a family meal, which makes this restaurant unique on its own! El Mexiquense opens on the weekends, and is an excellent place to go for a truly authentic, traditional Mexican meal!

2. Gold Taco

Gold Taco Mexico City

Traditionally, tacos are a meal of meat on flatbread with vegetables and salad as sides to be combined together into something delicious. Local Cris has told us that Gold Taco has turned this tradition around by only serving vegetarian and vegan versions of traditional tacos! This restaurant is perfect for people looking to experience new and unique twists and traditionally meat-based foods!

3. La Oaxaqueña

La Oaxaqueña Mexico City

Looking for somewhere to touch base after a night out on the town? La Oaxaquña, according to Spotter Armando, is the best place to go for some food on the morning after. Serving a bunch of different foods with intense flavors, La Oaxaquña is a blend between Mexican street food and old traditionalist food, bringing the two unique experiences together in a burst of delicious food. They’re fried chicken tacos (tacos dorados) are one of their specialties, bringing a slight, southern flair to Mexican cuisine.

4. Tacos Lolita

Tacos Lolita Maxico City (by Armando Tovar)

Local Armando calls this stand his ‘happy (taco) place’, and it’s no surprise! While smaller than its other competitors, Tacos Lolita certainly brings an interesting array of dishes to the table. All meat is cut and prepared elsewhere safely while it is cooked fresh and ready to serve to the general public from their little stall. From lean meat to cow’s cheek, to eyes and brains (for the truly brave and adventurous), Tacos Lolita chooses not to shy away from any kind of meat that can come from cattle-and even mixes its meats up to serve together in a unique dish.

5. El Pescadito de Sonora

El Pescadito Mexico City

If you’re looking for a place that sells fish tacos, Spotter Armando suggests El Pescadito de Sonora! Having opened in 2012, El Pescadito de Sonora was already a renowned chain of taquerías in Hermosillo, Sonora, so it only made sense to open up a shop in Mexico City! Their fish tacos are made of a mix of smoked marlin, battered fish, and battered shrimp, each having its own unique flavor combinations so that they work in tandem to create a delicious taco! A definite place to visit for their campechano and tocochango tacos!

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